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Custom Web Design and Development for Raleigh, Durham, Research Triangle Park, and Charlotte Metro
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Custom Website Design & Development

Custom Website Options

We offer solutions for every business/organization need.

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Hosting your Website

We offer competitive hosting packages for your custom website.

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What we do Best

Ease of Ownership

Make ownership and maintenance of your website easy

What Does this mean to you?

Your only responsibility is to register your website domain name, and we'll take care of the rest.

Technical Details

We offer complete site hosting and development solutions. Our dedicated server (99.999% uptime since August 2000) is complete with development tools and database software to power your website. We offer solutions that include easy maintenance for websites that require frequent updates.

Focus on the Triangle and Charlotte Metro

Cater to local businesses and organizations

What Does this mean to you?

We know the triangle market and can better target customers from search engines to your site. We use ethical Search Engine Optimization Techniques in your web site's design. This includes targeting keywords generated by Google Adwords to bring localized customers to your website. For example, if your business repairs HVAC units in Chatham or Union Counties, why have users from California frequent your site?

Personalized approach

Encourage face to face meetings to effectively evaluate your needs

What Does this mean to you?

We strongly believe that understanding your business goals can only be done effectively through verbal discussion, either in person or on the phone. We have found from experience that our clients expectations of the website are consistently exceeded using our personalized approach.

Fast, easy-to-use, custom websites

Focus on fast, easy-to-use, custom websites that are easily found on the web

What Does this mean to you?

If a website takes too long to load, or cannot be displayed, a customer will move on to the next site. Just a few seconds will result in a lost opportunity.

Technical Details

We build our websites with a focus on speed and functionality. We guarantee load times on an average 56K Connection Rate do not exceed 8 seconds (benchmarked against Web Page Analyzer - 0.961). If you require Database Access, we develop against a MySQL Engine tuned for fast and reliable performance.

We validate your website and style sheets against (CSS) World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) standards based grammars (such as XHTML 1.0 Transitional) that improve search engine placement and ensure consistent browser display. Regarding functionality, we specifically test the display of your website on popular browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows; and Safari on MacOS at varying resolutions.

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